About Me

I’m a twenty-something guy, but that’s about where the cliché ends.
I write because some things just have to be shared with the wider world; they are too good to hide! I don’t have secrets (or at least not any interesting ones) and I lay the truth on the line in a way that I hope will make you laugh.
N.B. If you are laughing at any of my posts let’s hope it’s with me not at me ‘cus that’s just not very nice!
If you want to find out more about the real me, then head to the blogs for the most candid accounts of my so-called life, but if not I have summarised all the important stuff into the following points:
  • I’m super organised until everything goes wrong (and it usually does)
  • I have an excellent knowledge of Italian swear words which I whip out at highly inappropriate times
  • I do stuff on impulse because it looks like a really good idea at the time
  • I actually couldn’t live without Marmite
  • I like jumping in puddles... a lot!
So that’s me.
Read my blog.